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Nashville, TN

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Recording Artist
  • Teacher of Guitar & Songwriting

"For me, being an artist and teacher has almost no bounds. I can create right on the spot.

"This creative process, whether through singing, composing or teaching, allows me to express my true self and open the minds of others to new ideas and possibilities.

"I span many different musical genres – from rock-n-roll to classical art song, from French Baroque to contemporary jazz.

"In all of these, rhythm and sound speak to my soul."

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  • Singer/Actor
  • Performance Coach
  • Teacher of Voice and Piano

"I love to sing. While most of my formal voice training has been focused on classical music, I find I am equally at home singing music theatre and jazz.

"I derive great joy from teaching, too. What I started ‘for fun,’ has become a successful career for me.

"Whether on stage or in the teaching studio, I will relish singing and inspiring others to higher standards of musical excellence for the rest of my life."